We all love our jewellery collection and if looked after they can last a very long time. Unlike fine jewellery, costume jewellery requires a little more love and care to maintain its beauty. Below, we have put together some tips to help you protect your collection, so it never loses its charm.

  • We recommend removing your jewellery prior to swimming, showering or washing hands.


  • Keep your jewellery in a soft sealable pouch (silk/velvet). The top of the pouch should be knotted properly to prevent the dust articles from getting inside. Also, the jewellery should be kept in different pouches to prevent abrasion from each other. Additionally, the pieces must be kept in a cool dry place.


  • While getting ready, make sure to always put on your jewellery last, and it should be taken off first. This would help in avoiding chemicals like, perfumes, hair spray, deodorants, make-up, cleaning fluids, etc. from damaging your jewellery.


  • Never apply lotion after wearing your costume jewellery, as it could dull the shine of the jewellery.


  • For cleaning your fashion jewellery, you can make use of the same cleaning agents that you use for your fine jewellery. Nevertheless, it is extremely vital to go through the cleaning solution’s ingredients prior to using it. Products containing vinegar, acid, alcohol and ammonia can harm your jewellery, so they must be avoided. In short, stay away from abrasive jewellery cleaners.


  • After cleaning, make sure to dry your jewellery with a soft cloth, as the moisture can cause deterioration of your jewels.